WinLASH 222 - RHC Medicare Cost Report

WinLASH 222 is our CMS approved Rural Health Clinic Cost Report Software. WinLASH 222 easily produces the electronic cost report (ECR) files required for electronic submission of your Medicare Rural Health Clinic Cost Report.

  • WinLASH 222 contains all the CMS required edits as well as Optimizer edits which alert users of other potential problems in the report.
  • Meets all CMS guidelines for electronic cost report filing (ECR).

Current version info:

  • Provider Type: Rural Health Clinic
  • CMS Form: 222-92
  • Software Version: 6.0.8
  • CMS Transmittal: #13/14
  • Effective Date: Fiscal Years Ending 12/31/2016

Annual Licensing Fees:



This tutorial covers the installation of both WinLASH 222 and WinLASH 224.